About Me

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My name is Jake Cameron, and I am a senior student at Texas State University. I mostly have experience as a video editor after working full-time at a production studio. I decided to give college another try, and I chose Texas State as my new home to learn new skills, although I did not know what I wanted to study! I did not have a major decided until my first year was over, and then an advisor told me about the Digital Media Innovation major. So many of the classes looked appealing to me, and I am happy to say that I made the correct decision.

What do I like to do outside of attending classes and studying? I obsess over media! I consume, research and collect. My office is an archive of my favorite records, movies, manga and figurines. I cannot think of many better feelings than finding a piece of media that will stick with me for the rest of my life, and I am always hungering for the next. My previous job was creating trailers for video games and television shows, and I hope to work with my favorite media franchises once again.

The thing I cherish most of all is my family, especially my partner and our cat. I love sharing endless meals and adventures with the two of them because I always have something to look forward to. My partner actually started a band recently, and I love helping her out with promotional material! It is so rewarding to use the skills I am learning at college in a real-world setting. I cannot wait to graduate and see where my career takes us.

Favorite Bands Favorite Games Favorite Manga Favorite Movies
Carissa's Wierd Xenoblade Devilman Brain Damage
Ink & Dagger Kid Icarus Gunsmith Cats Funeral Parade of Roses
Blacklisted 13 Sentinels Chainsaw Man Inland Empire